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This is the first newsletter from and   We'd like to keep you informed on the latest updates of our websites.
We will try to send two newsletters every year or one with every major update.
This newsletter and our two websites are not commercial publications. Our only goal is to provide new travelers to Thailand information through many photographs and detail information. The experienced Thailand traveler can explore the large photo gallery and dream away to the most beautiful spots in Thailand.

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Have a pleasant journey in Thailand

In 2010 we posted two major updates online :
Many new photo galleries have been added and all information is updated.
West and East Coast 

June 2010 :

Pinnacle Resort & Spa NaJomtien

The Sanctuary of Thruth
Silverlake Winery
Viharnra Sien

December 2010 :
Hua Hin 
Hua Hin Hills Winery  

Hotel : Chalelarn  
Hotel : Bann PanTai 
Khao Takiap  
Wat Huaj Mongkhon  

Pak Nam Pran National Park 
Pran Buri  
       Thai Philately (stamp collecting) :



In april 2008 we launched the website

Today, this website contains one of the largest collections of Thai stamps on the internet.

Discover the first postage stamp of Thailand, the 'solot ' of 1883 and many other beautiful designs.

This website is a true discovery for anyone who is interested in Thailand.

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       Did you know ...

- We collect old pictures of Thailand. You can find them here.
  If you have old photos, you can always mail them to us, we will put them online with a reference to   yourself or your site.

- You want to learn more about Thai History, visit our new History Timeline page.

- The 'Baan Don Daeng School Project' exist for a few years and we are very proud of the results.
  Here you can find a photo impression.
  (This page is in dutch but the photos will speak for themselves)

- We appreciate all your comments, please use our  contact page.


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